Spam Reader 3.0: An Outlook plugin that uses a Bayesian algorithm to filter spam.

Spam Reader 3.0

Spam Reader is an MS Outlook plugin that extends Outlook functionality with a Bayesian spam filter. There is no need to run an external program. Spam Reader fully integrates into MS Outlook. Spam Reader analyzes each message when you receive it and puts it in the Spam folder if needed. SpamReader does not break existing Outlook filtering rules. The Bayesian spam filter is self-trainable. You can also tune it up for better accuracy.

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XMicro AntiSpam (Vista compatible) Anti Spam automatically identifies and moves spam mails into a special ‘Spams

XMicro AntiSpam (Vista compatible)

SPAM signature sets in the XMicro database and is scored accordingly by the Spam Blocker plug-in. This spam score then decides whether the email is SPAM or legitimate. All the emails which have more than XMicro’s preset score as the spam score, will be delivered to the SPAM folder and rest of the mails (legitimate ones) will as usual reach your inbox. How spamblocker works: The plugin automatically updates itself and gets the latest spam signatures

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SpamWeed Anti-Spam Filter 2.9.1037: Blocking all spam, email viruses & phishing scam

SpamWeed Anti-Spam Filter 2.9.1037

SpamWeed is an innovative spam filter for Outlook, OE and all POP3 e-mail clients. It stops over 95% of incoming spam without blocking your good mail. Only legitimate mail are deliveredl to your inbox while spam are left in SpamWeed Junk Mail Folder. If occasionally, Spamweed blocks a good mail, you can simply go to SpamWeed administration panel and move it to legitimate box. By doing so, SpamWeed learns and improve future filtering accuracy.

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SpamArrow 1.20.1: SpamAssassin based spam filter to block spam for Outlook and Outlook Express

SpamArrow 1.20.1

spam blocker to effectively filter out any unwanted spam emails with near zero false positives. It uses the famous SpamAssassin engine and the Bayesian filtering to automatically classify incoming emails as spam or non-spam. This anti spam software is a great add-on for Outlook and Outlook Express by automatically creating integrated spam-fighting toolbar buttons and a spam folder to collect all emails identified as spam. Unlike most spam filter

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SPAMfighter Standard 7.6.37: Spam / phishing filter for Outlook/Thunderbird/Live Mail. Download Free!

SPAMfighter Standard 7.6.37

SPAMfighter has teamed up with Microsoft to make an easy to use, stand alone, anti-spam and anti-phishing tool for Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird. SPAMfighter is easy to install and use. With SPAMfighter Pro, you save time and frustration trying to sort through spam. You are also protected against the dangers of spam and phishing mails, such as harmful attachments, and identity theft. Download SPAMfighter

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ID AntiSpam 1.2: ID AntiSpam offers high quality spam protection and prevention.

ID AntiSpam 1.2

spam) from entering your inbox. Detailed features: - Filters incoming mail in search for spam. ID AntiSpam detects and blocks at the same time all unsolicited advertising letters by deleting them automatically. - Operates using multiple algorithms to find spam. Based on black words and addresses, black or incorrect senders` address, open relays in message, open proxy in message, or transformations in subject, ID AntiSpam blocks spam from entering

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Arovax NoSpam 1.0: Arovax NoSpam - unique spam filter for MS Outlook, powerfull anti spam solution

Arovax NoSpam 1.0

Spam is an award winning Anti-Spam Software created by Arovax Company to provide the complete solution to the Internet`s most fearsome threat. Developed and thoroughly tested for more than 2 years, Arovax NoSpam is one of the most technologically advanced Anti-Spam tools on the Web today. Get the email you want and nothing else. Arovax NoSpam quickly and easily helps you stop spam from polluting your inbox with advanced Learning Filter (Bayesian

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SPAMfighter Mail Gateway Protect your organization from time consuming spam / phishing

SPAMfighter Mail Gateway

SPAMfighter Mail Gateway, is the easy-to-use anti-spam solution for Microsoft Windows Servers. SPAMfighter Mail Gateway is powered by the SPAMfighter Server, which is updated by the SPAMfighter community of millions of users across the globe. SPAMfighter Mail Gateway delivers instant spam protection with no configuration or maintenance what so ever. As an email arrives and the Anti Spam Server routes it to its addressees, SPAMfighter constructs a

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SpamAssassin in a Box 1.0.1: SpamAssassin in a Box also contains a Windows system service.

SpamAssassin in a Box 1.0.1

spam filter on a Windows system. The service monitors SpamAssassin`s daemon `SpamD` and updates the anti-spam rules automatically. Furthermore it contains a lot of additional individual configuration options. SpamAssassin in a Box is suitable for use in Windows-based server systems, but is also supported by any other common Windows system. SpamAssassin in a Box uses a scoring system to declare the likelihood of a mail being spam. The spam score can

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Spam Sleuth 4.0: Eliminate spam, harmful viruses, and Web bugs from your inbox.

Spam Sleuth 4.0

spam has already been removed and you can read your e- mail the same way you always have, but without sorting through the junk e-mail to find the gems. Spam Sleuth is the best of the best and gives you control to customize the program to your liking. Spam Sleuth uses a point system to eliminate spam. Spam Sleuth`s analyzers: Friends, Spammers,To, Goodwords, Badwords, Profanity, Subject, Attachments, Charsets, HTML Volume, etc. looks at an e- mail

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